How Ready are You for Weather Gone Wild?

By CBC Docs  

How Ready are You for Weather Gone Wild?
Toronto highways flood during a violent storm in July, 2013. Photo: Canadian Press

The headlines are everywhere. Blistering heat waves, punishing tornados, devastating drought and massive floods. Olympic-sized records are being set for every major weather event around the world. There’s no question, our weather is getting more and more extreme, and more unpredictable all the time. Major international reports being released this year are pointing to climate change as an undisputable culprit behind the crazy weather we’re seeing.

“Climate change has always felt so far away,” says Weather Gone Wild’s lead researcher Shannon Lowry, “Working on this project sure has brought it very close to home for me for sure.” Shannon has spent months uncovering the best examples of what people are doing to protect themselves against wild weather – great stories that are taking the crew from the flood-ravaged basements of Calgary to floating neighborhoods in the Netherlands, arguably one of the most “climate-proof” countries in the world.

“It’s really making me think about what I’m doing in my own life to get ready for this kind of crazy weather.” Like Shannon, most Canadians have not spent a lot of time getting their own homes ready for extreme weather events. A new RBC study found that only 9 percent of Canadians have taken precautions to weather-proof their homes.

Shannon is in the process of looking for a new house and for the first time in her life, she’ll be asking herself some serious questions about what kinds of weather risks her house may be vulnerable to. What’s the flooding potential? How are downspouts situated? The landscaping may look great, but is it drought-resistant? “These are really critical questions that I don’t think most people are asking, hopefully after watching our documentary, people will start thinking a little differently.”


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