Survivor Rumana Monzur talks about why she stayed in an abusive marriage

She was left completely blind after a vicious attack.

In 2011, Rumana Monzur was viciously attacked by her husband after voicing her intention to leave the abusive marriage. In the brutal assault, he bit off part of her nose and gouged her eyes beyond repair. As a result, she is completely blind.

But Rumana refused to give up on her dreams. Just two years later, she received her master’s degree and entered law school at the University of British Columbia. Today she is a practicing lawyer with the Department of Justice in Vancouver.

Rumana’s incredible story is the focus of the documentary Untying the Knot. The film takes us to her hometown of Dhaka, Bangladesh, exploring factors that often keep women in abusive relationships — such as family pressure, cultural values, shame and social stigma. 

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Reuniting with her childhood friend, Farzana  for the first time since the attack, Rumana shares powerful insights into her abusive marriage — and how her devotion to her daughter inspires her to move forward.

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