No Light, No Homework in Nigeria

The homework struggle is real for moms in Nigeria where they have the added problem of no electricity.

From space, at night, Nigeria is awash in light. But the glow is almost entirely made up of flares from oil and gas wells. The country, with the world’s largest proven oil reserves, leaves half its population without electricity, and the rest with erratic service.

After decades of mismanagement, corruption, and failed promises, frustration is at a breaking point for many of the country’s residents. Many have no choice but to navigate their daily lives around the problem.

The documentary Take Light takes us into the streets of director Shasha Nakhai’s hometown, and into the lives of people working on the frontlines of the grid. 

Meet Joy, a stay-at-home mom as she shares some of the little everyday frustrations she deals with that — including getting her kids to their homework.

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Take Light

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