Montreal SPCA Campaigns to End Sled Dog Imprisonment

In many parts of North America, sled dogs are still considered property or livestock. This means that any dog owner can legally keep their dog chained for 24 hours a day, for the entirety of their lives.

As seen in the documentary Sled Dogs, the commerical dog sledding industry often forces sled dogs to live the majority of their lives on a chain, only letting them off to take tourists on sled dog tours. Chains cause physical and emotional stress and limit socialization with humans and other dogs.

The SPCA is raising awareness about chaining in an effort to create stricter laws that prohibit this kind of behaviour towards dogs. About a third of the calls they receive are in regards to chaining and current laws make it difficult for the Society to take action  — they can only step in if the chained dog has no access to water and shelter.  

This event, Cut The Chain, held by the Montreal SPCA was an effort to bring the issue of chaining to public eye and encourage people to lobby the local government to make a change.

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