“I can make just about anyone fall in love,” claims American psychologist

This simple love exercise can produce real feelings of love

Dr. Robert Epstein, featured in the documentary, You Are What You Act, claims that he can make just about anyone fall in love, “if you gave me ten couples … I could get at least six of them to fall deeply in love.” 

His research on love in arranged marriages revealed something surprising: by practising loving behaviours, partners were able to become real soulmates over time.

Based on that principle, he’s designed a series of love exercises which can allow anyone to take control over the love they experience in their lives.

One of them, called “soul gazing,” is based on an ancient tantric practice. Simply make eye contact with the person you would like to love and hold it. Research suggests that eye gazing produces feelings of empathy and connection — and may even produce feelings of love.

Watch more in the video above.

Learn more about Epstein’s love exercises in You Are What You Act.

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