Clydesdales: The unsung heroes of the First World War

Over 8 million horses were used during WWI, draft horses were vital in winning the war.

In her quest to discover the history of the Clydesdale horse and save its future, Janice travelled to the WWI battlefield of Vimy Ridge. Here, thanks to the personal journal of a Canadian soldier, she discovered an unsung hero of the Great War – the Clydesdale, and other draft horses like it.

There were more than eight million horses, donkeys and mules who served in WWI and 50,000 at Vimy Ridge. They were used to carry ammunition, supplies and pull artillery to support the Canadian attack. While many focus on the cavalry horse that carried men into battle, military historian Graham Winton knows that “the real heroes were the powerful draft horses, especially the Clydesdale.”

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Watch Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse.

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Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse

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