Caring for Clydesdale horses is a ton of work, but for this woman it’s a labour of love

Janice Kirkpatrick and her husband now own four of the iconic horses, and it’s a round-the-clock vocation.

Janice Kirkpatrick loves Clydesdales. She’s trying to save the iconic Scottish breed from extinction in its homeland, acquiring a pregnant mare from Canada to rejuvenate the Scottish herd.

But this new mare isn’t the only Clydesdale Janice and her husband Ross own — t hey have three more of them! “Horses are hard work,” says Kirkpatrick. “Double that for Clydesdales.”

On top of all the long days cleaning, feeding and mucking out, Kirkpatrick has to keep an eye on their health too. They need to see the vet when they’re sick, require dental checkups and even have their shoes changed every six weeks.

“They are a huge commitment,” she says. “But I don’t care.”

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Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse

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