A Hospital Engineer in Nigeria Struggles to Power a Morgue

Power means everything in Nigeria. As Africa’s biggest oil producer, Nigeria, is literally bursting with promise. Yet less than 50 percent of the country’s 195 million citizens have access to electricity and those that do, receive a few hours per day at best.

In Port Harcourt, a major oil and gas hub in the Niger Delta, blackouts are the norm. They descend on the bustling city like soot from the regular gas flares, affecting daily life in ways that are disruptive and, often, dangerous.

Against this backdrop, Take Light takes us into the streets of director Shasha Nakhai’s hometown, and into the lives of people working on the frontlines of the grid.

Meet Opus, an engineer working at a hospital, as he MacGyvers scavenged parts to revive neglected solar panels and power the morgue’s refrigerators.

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