features The Man Who Stole Einstein’s Brain: He hid it for years, and even smuggled it to Canada in a cookie jar But according to this new doc, the guy had his reasons. He spent a lifetime guarding the world's greatest mind More »
Update Her father went missing in Mexico in 2018. Five years later, she still doesn’t know what happened to him Canadian Brooke Mullins has spent roughly $300,000 on flights to Mexico, legal help, informants and bribes More »
features Fatal accident or military cover-up? Trauma of a man’s death in 1968 sparks his family’s search for answers Learning the truth about our past may heal future generations. More »
features This true-crime documentary features historically accurate miniature sets Meet the miniaturists who recreated Bernie Langille's world from old home movies More »
features The U.S. military tested Agent Orange at a base in Gagetown, New Brunswick The Langille family always suspected that Bernie Langille was killed because he discovered the operation More »
features Meet 6 people who find treasure in the world’s scrap ‘It’s a very beautiful way to bring something back after death,' said architect Tchely Hyung-Chul Shin. More »
Point of View A community of people are giving discarded items like planes, ships and phone booths a second beautiful life A Montreal filmmaker travels the world to find out what happens to things when we don’t need them anymore. More »
Point of View There are many community-based models for people with intellectual disabilities. Why aren’t we funding them? Canada lags behind on both funding and policy to support community-based models. More »
Essay My half-brothers died at Huronia, a notorious institution for people labelled with developmental disabilities The new documentary Unloved tells Alfie and Louis Cohen’s tragic story. More »
Point of View Institutionalizing people with disabilities hasn’t stopped — it just has a different name They may be deemed our most vulnerable, but those with disabilities are often treated as the least valuable More »
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