features Fatal accident or military cover-up? Trauma of a man’s death in 1968 sparks his family’s search for answers Learning the truth about our past may heal future generations. More »
features This true-crime documentary features historically accurate miniature sets Meet the miniaturists who recreated Bernie Langille's world from old home movies More »
features The U.S. military tested Agent Orange at a base in Gagetown, New Brunswick The Langille family always suspected that Bernie Langille was killed because he discovered the operation More »
features Meet 6 people who find treasure in the world’s scrap ‘It’s a very beautiful way to bring something back after death,' said architect Tchely Hyung-Chul Shin. More »
Point of View A community of people are giving discarded items like planes, ships and phone booths a second beautiful life A Montreal filmmaker travels the world to find out what happens to things when we don’t need them anymore. More »
Point of View There are many community-based models for people with intellectual disabilities. Why aren’t we funding them? Canada lags behind on both funding and policy to support community-based models. More »
Essay My half-brothers died at Huronia, a notorious institution for people labelled with developmental disabilities The new documentary Unloved tells Alfie and Louis Cohen’s tragic story. More »
Point of View Institutionalizing people with disabilities hasn’t stopped — it just has a different name They may be deemed our most vulnerable, but those with disabilities are often treated as the least valuable More »
Article No human dignity: What life was like at the Huronia Regional Centre Overcrowded, dilapidated buildings and rampant disease made life intolerable for thousands of residents. More »
Article Creators of the most outrageous music videos, Doug and the Slugs were trailblazers Keyboardist Simon Kendall remembers what went on behind the scenes during the making of the videos. More »
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