ZIMBELISM is a feature documentary about the work of humanist photographer George S. Zimbel. A 70 year photographic voyage through the back half of the 20th century framed with presidents, farmers, prime ministers, railroad engineers, movie stars and children, the film is an honest and touching view of the human experience.

At 86 George Zimbel is one of the last working elders of street photography. A wonderful storyteller, his tales from the darkroom walk the viewer through shoots with JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Truman, the real Mad Men of Madison Avenue and a David and Goliath rights battle with his beloved New York Times.

As Zimbel takes us into his lab to print, he recounts his time at the legendary Photo League in New York City and shares his own humanity in the moving and very often funny story of his family life.

The film is photographic testament to documentary black and white street photography, once an essential record of society, now under siege by the digital camera, copyright infringement and privacy laws.