You Are What You Act

Can you fake it until you make it? You Are What You Act looks at a potentially revolutionary new health trend and asks; what influences us more, our minds or our bodies? 

What has a greater effect, thinking positive or acting positively? Will smiling make you happier? Will changing your posture make you more confident? Will acting in love save your relationship? 

You Are What You Act speaks to the world’s leading psychologists in embodied cognition including George Lakeoff, Paul Ekman, Philip Zimbardo, Amy Cuddy and tosses in a curveball demonstrating that all of these “psychological” exercises are things learned in elementary theatre class. 

Did you know that Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Kate Winslet and many other actions heroes have actually rescued people in real life? Have they become heroes by acting like heroes in their movies? Is acting the next transformational modality?

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