WW2: Treasure Hunters

We often imagine World War 2 as fought in some foreign field, but it was on the home front that the battle really began.

Beyond the rationing, blackouts and Blitz, Britain’s landscape was covered with airfields, military camps and secret bases.

There’s not much left on the surface today, but WW2 Treasure Hunters duo Madness frontman, Suggs, and World War 2 military expert and relic hunter, Stephen Taylor, are on a mission to unearth the truth about Britain’s wartime past.

While Suggs explores the stories of how the war was fought and gets a taste for what it was really like, Stephen Taylor is digging for history with his team of archaeologists and metal detectorists – unearthing the hidden historical treasures that can bring the war and the men and women who fought it, back to life. Crucially, they’ll also be trying to return the relics they find back to their original owners and their families.

Across this 8-part series the duo and their team of archaeologists and detectorists visit sites all over the country looking for WW2 treasures before they rust away or disappear under concrete for ever.

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