World’s Greatest Mountains

Mountains are among the most dangerous places in the world yet their lure is irresistible. This documentary series explores the world’s most iconic peaks, revealing their true wonder and hidden personality.

The four summits are Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the planet; Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in Western Europe and the birthplace of modern mountaineering; Mount Kilimanjaro, an incredible African volcano that uniquely has five ecosystems, making the challenging climb to the glacial summit one of the most spectacular in the world; and Ben Nevis, the most extreme and dangerous mountain in Britain.

Intimate accounts from eyewitnesses and experts tell an array of stories including the dramatic first attempts to conquer these summits, epic struggles of human survival against all the odds, each mountain’s breathtaking natural wonders, and the extraordinary wildlife that inhabits the world’s highest places. Stunning archive footage and never before seen user-generated content combine to take the viewer into the moment while each film reveals extraordinary insights, such as how fossils of 400-million-year-old sea creatures have been found on the top of Mount Everest – showing these mountains in an entirely new light.

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