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We Are Here

A poignant cinematic look at the attempt to revive Jewish life in Poland since the Holocaust, We Are Here details the conflicts of constructing a new Polish-Jewish identity for its subjects and the filmmaker as well as the response by the Poles today to the one thousand year history of the Jewish presence in Poland, on the very soil which bore witness to the most horrific atrocities of the 20th Century.

This groundbreaking new film excavates the fragile, shaky rebirth of Polish Jewish life in the shadow of the Holocaust.

From the lens of veteran filmmaker Francine Zuckerman, whose own father fled to Canada from Poland in 1939, this film is the story of five Jews in post Communist Poland, each working to build their lives in a new, democratic, multi cultural Poland. But can there be new life within the borders of a country with the unmarked graves of three million Jews?

Produced with additional funding from:

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