Through Our Eyes: Indigenous Short Docs (Parts 1 & 2)

Over the two years, CBC Short Docs has been working closely with some of the best emerging Indigenous storytellers from across the country. Their character-driven, immersive and intimate documentaries tell stories of Indigenous people and groups who are challenging the past to define their futures. 

Part One: From the First Nations-owned railway TSHIUETIN (Caroline Monnet), to the story of volunteers who drag Winnipeg’s Red River for the missing or murdered in THIS RIVER (Katherena Vermette and the NFB), to FOUR FACES OF THE MOON (Amanda Strong), the stunning stop-motion animation story of a filmmaker’s ancestors.

Part Two: A filmmaker recreates a portrait of her grandfather by donning a headdress for a photo shoot in HEADDRESS (JJ Neepin and Justina Neepin), a filmmaker looks at the parallels between herself and her mother in DECLUTTER (Madison Thomas), a small community bands together around a Mohawk immersion school in KARIHWANORON: PRECIOUS THINGS (Roxann Whitebean), and Cree twins talk about their shared experience in NIISOTEWAK (Jules Koostachin).

See a playlist here.