They Call Me Dr. Miami

Dr. Miami is 'the most famous plastic surgeon of the universe'. While chasing fame, can this Orthodox Jewish father of five carry on with his gimmick and still preserve his identity?
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They Call Me Dr. Miami

documentary Channel

(Canada, documentary Channel Original, directed by Jean-Simon Chartier)

Dr. Miami (a.k.a. Michael Salzhauer) is the most famous surgeon in America. Millions of loyal followers from around the world tune in daily as he live streams graphic plastic surgery procedures on social media, all with the enthusiastic consent of his self-proclaimed 'beauty warrior' patients.

Celebrated for his outrageous social media persona and boasting a patient waiting list that's two years long, his private life is quite different than one may expect. After he leaves a lively day's work of Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations and choreographed snapchat videos, he's a devoted husband, father to five children and an Orthodox Jew who observes the Sabbath.

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They Call Me Dr. Miami is a fascinating look at a man who's both traditional and controversial. In this captivating documentary, we see Michael grapple with the reality of selfie culture and the controversy his videos stir up in the plastic surgery community…all while trying to balance a kosher home life with a larger-than-life public image.