Secret Life of Dogs (Season 2)

They’ve been man’s best friend for thousands of years. They’re the most diverse species of mammal on the planet with over 400 breeds worldwide. But how much do we really know about our dogs and where they came from?

This groundbreaking series explores the huge diversity of dogs by separating them into three distinct tribes – man’s best friend, workers and family. It celebrates the unique qualities of each dog group, discovering their remarkable physiology, their emotional bond with humans and their extraordinary super senses – helping to explain just how and why they have become so much part of our lives.

Each episode is packed with real-life stories – meet the mutt paragliding with her owner, a Great Dane that helped a young girl walk for the first time in nine years, a team of huskies in training for the longest race of their lives and Ricochet, the surfing dog helping people with autism.Heart-warming and revelatory in equal measure, this series will make you see your dog in a whole new light. 

Episode 1 – Man's Best Friend

With nearly a billion estimated worldwide, it's surprising that only recently have we really begun to understand the lives of our beloved dogs, with scientists just starting to uncover their emotional and intellectual genius. Through their extraordinary powers to read our emotions, take our perspective, and exceed our physical ability, our closest companions have been able to join us in all walks of life -truly earning the name man's best friend.

Episode 2 – Working Like A Dog

We now recognise over 400 breeds of dog, each with its own fascinating, often mysterious history — in fact, we've bred dogs for just about every job you can imagine; and as our modern world changes, dogs have adapted alongside us. The unparalleled cooperation between us and our dogs has led to some of the most remarkable partnerships on earth, from sheepdogs to guide dogs; and dogs bring everything from their super senses to obvious enthusiasm to all their various roles in our modern world.

Episode 3 – We Are Family

Dogs share over 99% of their DNA with the grey wolf, and yet during their more than 10,000-year history within our homes, several key features have emerged to mark them apart -most importantly the incredible bonds they can form with us. As the world's first domesticated animal, we've spent longer around our canine companions than the wheel, and as such they hold a special place in cultures around the world; in fact new science is revealing how even looking into your dogs' eyes releases love hormones in us both, just one reason our two species have grown closer than ever before.


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