The River of My Dreams

Multi-award-winning actor Gordon Pinsent is one of Canada’s most beloved performers, directors and writers, and after an illustrious six decade career, he shows no signs of slowing down. This feature documentary is one of the first of its kind implementing motion capture on film, portraying Gordon Pinsent’s unique storytelling gifts as he relives his stories at the major crossroads of his life. He entertains with his special humour and moves the audience with his unflinching directness and honesty.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Brigitte Berman has been inspired to turn her lens to Pinsent’s in-depth story, a story filled with humour, passion and complexity. In the telling, she explores and probes the inner layers of Gordon Pinsent’s life and career. By utilizing state of the art motion capture technology, younger versions of Gordon ARE magically brought to life, as performed by Gordon himself. Family, friends, and international industry heavyweights, further illuminate the inner drama of this extraordinary artist. In this way, life, creativity and art ARE interwoven together to tell not only the story of Gordon Pinsent, but also a universal story about the human condition.

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