The Operatives

Pete Bethune and his elite team of former military commandos are joined by new recruits, ex-French SAS man Stephane and British biologist Nicola, and travel the world bringing poachers and environmental criminals to justice. The real life James Bond meets Captain Planet missions target Sumatran Rhino poachers, illegal logging ‘slash and burn’ merchants, and fishermen still using dynamite, which kills all animals within the blast zone.

Using the coolest equipment –surveillance drones, powered parachutes and amphibious assault vehicles – they capture bad guys and expose ecological atrocities. In each standalone episode the team gather video evidence against those who harm endangered wildlife. From shark-infested waters to jungle airstrips, they risk imprisonment, injury or worse to take down people who raid turtle hatcheries and club baby seals.

If you’re in trouble, you might just want an action film actor nearby. Seriously. More.
Empire of the Scents
‘Sometimes I have kept his place in my heart a secret rather than face people who simply can’t abide it.’ Read more.
jeff Giles
Known as the 'sexy' Buddy Holly, Ontario's own Jeff Giles loves bringing audiences back to the music they grew up with. More