The Nature of Things All Day Animal Marathon

6am/2pm/10pm ET: The Secret Life of Owls
A unique window into the mysterious world of the Great Horned Owl, taking us across North America to meet passionate owl experts, volunteers, scientists and the owls they love. MORE

7am/3pm/11pm ET: Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater
Experience a calf’s first year of life as it grows up in Jasper National Park amid some of the most striking scenery on the planet. MORE

8am/4pm/Midnight ET: The Real T.Rex
Join an investigative journey around the world to uncover the mysteries of the most famous dinosaur super-predator: the Tyrannosaurus rex. MORE

9am/5pm/+1am ET: The Eagles Next Door
Bald Eagles have gone from the brink of extinction to record highs in fifty years - and landed right in our backyards. MORE

10am/6pm/+2am ET: Turtle Beach
Scientists explore the extraordinary mass nesting behaviour of the olive ridley sea turtle, and reveal the hidden world inside a turtle nest. MORE

11am/7pm/+3am ET: Conversations with Dolphins
What kind of intelligence is behind dolphin communication, and will humans one day be able to have a conversation with them? MORE

Noon/8pm/+4am ET: Puffin Patrol
Travel from Newfoundland’s rocky shores to Maine and Wales to meet the colourful and intriguing Atlantic puffin and learn what these intriguing little birds can teach us about the dangers facing our natural world. MORE

1pm/9pm/+5am ET: Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest 
The wolverine is a creature of myth and misunderstanding. Filmmaker Andrew Manske sets out with his camera to uncover the truth about them. MORE

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