The Fifth Region

‘The Fifth Region’, tells the story of Joshua and Nancy, two young urban Inuit who are carving out a place for themselves in Canada's urban centres. After years of denying his Inuit heritage Joshua confronts it head on and has just learnt that his mother who left him as a two-year-old wants to reconnect. Nancy struggled to fit into the small community outside of Montréal, when her family moved from Nunavik only to be shunned. She found solace in her art and now is on the cusp of breaking into the art world with her first gallery show. Through her artwork Nancy explores how Inuit define themselves, and what it means to be an Inuk today.
Through their eyes the film examines identity and what it means to belong.

Inuit in urban centres, live between two worlds, some have never visited or lived up north and only understand cultural traditions through relatives. Those that move to the south feel alienated and disconnected to their new environment. Twenty-five percent of the Inuit population lives in Canada’s urban centres, (according to Stats Canada), and more migrate each year, for school and employment. They are carving out a place for themselves in cities across the country and redefining what it means to be an Inuk.

Producer/Director – Aeyliya Husain  
Co-Director – Gabriel Nuraki Koperqaluk

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