The Devil’s Trap

Lane is a 25-year-old in the Canadian Navy who yearns to reunite with his estranged family after being excommunicated from their church when he was 18 years old. Lane was born into the Exclusive Brethren, a secluded and secretive protestant group. The Devil's Trap takes audiences on an intimate road trip across North America with Lane as our guide as he travels across the United States and Canada to make sense of his tumultuous childhood, and towards reconciliation with his family.

As the trip progresses, Lane reaches deep into his psyche to share emotional and often dark episodes of his childhood growing up within The Exclusive Brethren. He visits another ex-member who, like himself, left the Exclusive Brethren at a young age and whose traumatic experiences mirror his own. Lane walks through the halls of the Mayo Clinic, where he spent weeks undergoing examinations into his teenage rebellions. When he passes through his hometown of Montreal, Lane meets up with old friends at their regular watering hole where he tries to forget the troubles he left behind and the scary unknown that awaits him. Lane walks through the eerie emptiness of the house he grew up in, long abandoned by his parents, where he remembers what it was like to come of age in such a restrictive world. Once surrounded by a large family, Lane now finds himself alone as he prepares for what he hopes is a warm reunion with his loved ones. Always hopeful, full of stories and natural charm, Lane yearns for his family despite the years of forced separation they imposed.