The Devil’s Advocate

Emmy® Award-winning investigative journalists Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann provide a rare look into the lives of three American lawyers who defend accused terrorists.

In the Pledge of Allegiance, we vow “justice for all,” but when “all” includes accused international and domestic terrorists, justice becomes a contentious notion.

For the defense lawyers who represent terror suspects, upholding justice feels like the embodiment of their civil duties, even as vocal naysayers lambast them as unpatriotic traitors. These attorneys in New York and elsewhere face public outcries – and even death threats – to provide their clients with the fair trials that our U.S. Constitution aims to ensure. Upholding the law and remaining true to their ideals can take a personal toll.

The Devil’s Advocate considers the experiences of three high-profile defense attorneys, their clients, and the implications of the words “justice for all.”