That Never Happened

Between 1914 and 1920 over 8500 people were wrongfully imprisoned in Canada, not for anything they had done but because of where they came from.

THAT NEVER HAPPENED reveals the story of Canada's first national internment operations from 1914 - 1920, when over 88,000 people were forced to register and more than 8,500 civilians were wrongfully imprisoned in internment camps across Canada, not for anything they had done but simply because of where they came from.

There were at least 24 internment camps from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Nanaimo, British Columbia. In 1954, the government of Canada destroyed the public records this chapter of Canadian history was erased from history books. In the 1980s a few brave men and women began researching and working to reclaim this chapter in history and ensure future generations would know about it.

One century later, the impact of these internment operations is still deeply felt by the internee descendants and by the activists and individuals who made it their mission to commemorate and educate Canadians about these events in the hopes that it will never happen again.  This multi-award winning film reveals never-before-seen archival video and photos, and  innovates within the genre of documentary filmmaking, using cinematography, music and first person accounts to tell a vivid story without the use of narration or on-screen text.