Suffragettes (Part 1&2)

In this 2 part series Lucy Worsley is at the heart of the drama, alongside a group of lesser known, young, working class Suffragettes.

In Episode 1, Lucy explores their campaign, starting with heckling Winston Churchill and demonstrating to going to prison and chaining themselves to railings as a publicity stunt. As their militant campaign increases, a special branch surveillance team tracks their movements and when they go on hunger strike in prison, brutal forcible feeding begins.

In Episode 2 of this immersive drama doc, Lucy is in the centre of the drama as the young working class Suffragettes are radicalised by Parliament’s sabotaging of attempts to get the vote, continued forcible feeding, censorship and sexual assault on demonstrations. While the Suffragetttes’ actions become increasingly extreme, with arson and bombing attempts, it would take a world changing event to stop their campaign in its tracks and eventually allow some form of equality at the ballot box.

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