Stage: The Culinary Internship

Follow a group of culinary interns at one of the best restaurants in the world, Mugaritz.
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Stage: The Culinary Internship

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Stage (verb; pronounced: stazhje) is a French term for an unpaid position where a cook works in a restaurant to learn the techniques and styles of a certain chef, restaurant or region.

If someone asked you to work for free, what would you say? For thousands of aspiring chefs, it’s a no brainer. The opportunity to stage at a Michelin starred restaurant is not only a privilege but a compulsion.

Stage: The Culinary Internship follows a group of interns as they navigate their way through a nine month contract at one of the best Michelin-starred kitchens in the world, Mugaritz.

The film reveals themes of passion, vulnerability and overcoming all obstacles. It explores the reason why these candidates leave it all behind to pursue a financially taxing, overwhelmingly difficult and incredibly risky position. It’s a candid look into the inner workings of the restaurant industry and what it takes to climb to the top of the Michelin chef hierarchy.

Stage: The Culinary Internship eats, sleeps, and breathes with the stagiaires, living through their conflicts, both inner and outer: being unpaid, being away from home, speaking a different language and working brutally long hours. At every turn the unspoken — and sometimes very loudly spoken question — who can handle the heat?