Spend the holiday with the Royal family

0600 & 2700 - The Queen Mother 
Wife, monarch and much-loved public figure, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was one of the most respected members of the British Royal family. This moving profile reveals the dramatic inside story of the Queen Mother's life, highlighting the moments of pain and upheaval that ultimately defined her legacy. MORE

0800 & 2900 - Royal Animals 
Some they love to pet and pamper, others they love to shoot — the contradictory relationship between the British royals and animals. MORE

0900 & 1600 & 2300 - Diana, Our Mother: Her Life & Legacy
On the Canadian premiere of Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy - Prince William and Harry speak for the first time about Diana as a mother. They share some of their earliest memories and recall the final conversation they had with her before her tragic death in August 1997. MORE

1000 & 1700 & 2400 - Prince Harry & Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply
First-hand accounts by those close to the couple reveal the story of how a home-grown Hollywood girl became the first all-American British princess. MORE

1100 & 1800 & 2500 - Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story
Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story ramps up the excitement for the latest royal arrival. But this is no ordinary regal baby; there will soon be a mixed race, half American member of the family. MORE

1200 & 1900 & 2600- Secrets of the Royal Babies
The extraordinary tales of Royal births, motherhood and infancy that have paved the way to this day. What might Meghan, Duchess of Sussex might reasonably expect from this next stage of her life? MORE

1300 & 2000 - A Very Royal Wedding
Celebrating the marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip in 1947, A Very Royal Wedding looks back on the day with rare colour archival footage and recreates the exquisite details - from the spectacular engagement ring to the 9-foot-high wedding cake. MORE

1400 & 2100 - The Coronation
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shares her memories of her 1953 Coronation ceremony, marking the 65th anniversary of the occasion. Viewing rarely seen film footage and looking at some of the priceless Crown Jewels themselves, the Queen recalls the day the Crown and the hopes of a nation were placed on her shoulders. MORE

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