Secret Nazi Bases

Still today, remnants of the Nazi’s schemes lie concealed in structures scattered across the globe. Skeletons of projects give way to mysteries. Conspiracies abound about science fiction scenarios. The Nazis were nothing if not methodical, and a deeper look reveals even darker plans. From tunnels to towers, artillery sites and communication centres; the remains of these schemes lie waiting to reveal truths about the Fuhrer’s tactics and dreams.

Episode 1
New discoveries on a strange fortified island reveal the terrifying truth behind Hitler’s secret plan to win World War II at all costs, and using the latest science and tech, experts investigate what really happened here.

Episode 2
When a top-secret Nazi base is discovered in France decades after the war ends, experts use cutting-edge tech to reveal the secrets of this compound; what they find could change everything we know about D-Day and the last stand of the Nazi regime.

Episode 3
A strange, abandoned mansion on a remote island is central to countless conspiracy theories, and new discoveries reveal if this eerie site was a secret Nazi base intended for a sinister mission.

Episode 4
An abandoned eerie structure in France could have doomed the Allies in World War II, and new discoveries at this mysterious site reveal the truth behind top-secret Nazi plans to unleash apocalyptic destruction.

Episode 5
When a secret bunker and vast network of tunnels are discovered after World War II, experts use cutting-edge tech to uncover if the high levels of radiation in the area could be connected to a classified Nazi nuclear program.

Episode 6
As the Soviet Army pushes the Nazis out of Poland, they discover a massive city of a thousand buildings that was unknown to the Allies, and using the latest science, experts reveal how Hitler was able to keep this sinister place hidden for so long.



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