Russia with Simon Reeve

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, Simon Reeve embarks on an extraordinary three-part journey across Russia.

Simon Reeve returns for another adventure in a little-travelled part of the world. This time he is travelling across the world's biggest country, Russia. In the three-part series, Simon faces some of the most extreme conditions in the world as he and the team travel from the far east to the cities of the west. One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, Simon starts his journey 4,000 miles away from Moscow in Kamchatka, one of Russia's remotest regions. Simon and the team also experience what it is like to film in Putin's Russia as the Russian authorities take close interest in their activities.

Episode 1

Simon sets out amongst the volcanoes of Kamchatka and meets indigenous reindeer herders.

Episode 2

The second leg of Simon's tour takes him from Siberia to the majestic Caucasus Mountains

Episode 3

Simon travels from the illegally annexed peninsula of Crimea to the city of Petersburg.

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