Rise of the Nazis

This is the inside story of Hitler’s journey to power. How did a bombastic and ‘bohemian corporal’ travel from the fringes of German politics to become the all powerful Führer of Germany?

Learn about Hitler through the eyes of the people who paved his way to power, those who witnessed his ascent, and those who tried to stop him. From the self-interested elites who hoisted Hitler into the Chancellorship, to his loyal inner circle who transformed German society through systematic repression and ‘fake news’ propaganda. And hear from the man himself – Adolf Hitler – the failed artist who seduced the masses with promises to make Germany great again.

This revelatory documentary series will also expose how the events of the Holocaust and Second World War were not inevitable. Discover the warning signs, incremental decisions, missed opportunities and misjudgements that could have stopped Hitler – and changed the course of history.

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