Outlaw Tech

Security guards are so 1995. Masked bank holdups are yesterday’s news.  Today, the most intriguing heists are like Ocean’s 11, where cunning criminals use ingenious science to outfox the high-security defences of impregnable fortresses and walk away with millions. 

Outlaw Tech goes inside true stories of crazy heists and epic crimes, where physics, chemistry and technology are tools of the trade. Ingenious crooks take down the security tech designed to stop them and go head-to-head with cutting-edge cops, each side armed with a scientific arsenal to defeat the other.

An Italian mastermind cracks an Antwerp vault protected by magnetic sensors and pulls off the biggest diamond theft in history. A Mexican drug lord uses European engineers to build a secret tunnel and break him out of jail. High stakes hackers breach the global banking network and in ten short hours withdraw over $40 million from ATMs around the world.

Outlaw Tech takes you inside these unbelievable high-tech crimes, unpacking the scientific theories, processes, and designs used by both crooks and cops as the caper unfolds. We see how science is used to both defend and attack our banks, museums and prisons.

Each episode of Outlaw Tech showcases two or three fascinating felonies committed using the science of crime. It begins with the criminal’s exhaustive reconnaissance of the target, follows his meticulous planning, takes us through the imaginative heist, and ends with the police solving the crime, empowered by their scientific wizardry or by the sloppiness of the criminals. From the physics of defeating heat sensors to the complex code that cracked thousands of ATMs, each episode takes us step by step through a battle royal of brilliant outlaw science versus cutting-edge security systems and state of the art policing.

As our crooks choreograph their crime, compelling interviews explain just what has happened. Riveting doc footage gives us an inside look at cutting-edge defensive technology and the sophisticated science of the police investigation. Recurring experts and stunning CGI blueprints paint a picture of the inner workings the science and technology behind these crimes. 

Cutting-edge science, thrilling suspense, unforgettable characters: Outlaw Tech is a fun and fascinating heist series that showcases rogue science at its most ingenious and entertaining.

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