Operation Gold Rush

In this epic adventure, a team of explorers attempt to strike gold in Canada’s frozen North. Taking the same trail as original Gold Rush prospectors, they embark on a journey of genuine danger and thrilling beauty.

In the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, 100,000 ordinary people from around the world set out to find their fortune. Only one in three prospectors made it to the goldfields. Now, a group of adventurers, led by historian Dan Snow, attempt to retrace their steps, using the same self-sufficient approach of the original pioneers.

The team must cross a treacherous mountain pass, navigate vast, icy lakes, and brave the rapids of the mighty Yukon river in a basic wooden boat. Isolated and exposed to the elements, they face an authentically dangerous ordeal.

It will be a fascinating journey of discovery, set against a breathtaking backdrop.

The team tackle extreme exhaustion, freezing nights and prowling bears. It’s a gruelling test of survival skills. Can they endure the weeks of agony that lie between them and the Klondike Gold Fields? And will they strike lucky if they get there?

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