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No Limits

NO LIMITS reveals the true story that Grünenthal, the German inventor and manufacturer of Thalidomide knew about debilitating effects of its drug on babies but continued to sell the pills to unsuspecting pregnant women around the world who were taking a drug they were told was ‘safe’, to offset their morning sickness, and who ended up giving birth to thousands of severely disabled children. Previously sealed court documents have now come to light that reveal Grünenthal’s culpability.

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Since thalidomide was released 50 years ago, the Wirtz family, owners of Grünenthal, has accumulated a personal fortune in the billions, and Grünenthal now employs 4200 people in 26 countries with annual revenues approaching $1.3 billion. But they have not taken full financial responsibility for the disastrous effect of thalidomide and only just recently (2012) have made a half-hearted apology when faced with the release of these long sealed court documents as a result of a court case in Australia. Despite the overwhelming evidence they still refuse to pay any of the $89 million compensation awarded only a few months ago to Australian victims.

“I think this is the biggest and best story of my career…after more than 25 years of working on this subject, I finally have been able to learn the whole truth about the thalidomide tragedy, thanks to the documents uncovered by the Australian lawyers for Lynette Rowe.”

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