Inside our world there is another: an alternate reality, in a different scale. Miniature is a fascinating journey into lush, intricate and mesmerizing tiny worlds. The series investigates the mysterious and profound human urge to create and keep miniatures, where we store memories, embody dreams and learn to grasp a complex world.

The series begins in Willard Wiggan’s workshop as he peers into a gigantic microscope. "You don't have to explain my work. It drives people into a frenzy of disbelief," he declares. His art is almost invisible to the naked eye, "The Queen of England asked me to make a crown for her, on the head of a pin.”

Flash backwards forty thousand years ago to pre-historic Europe, when a cave dweller chips a mammoth tusk into a human form. This painstakingly carved figure will become the world's oldest work of art. And onwards to present-day Hamburg, Germany, where hundreds of artisans create a fully functioning miniature of their international airport, drawing millions of visitors from around the world to their Miniature Wunderland.

Many consider them simply toys, but miniatures play a profound role in our lives, impacting individuals, communities and entire civilizations. Across cultures and time, from the world’s great museums to the workshops of obsessed artisans, and to the priceless collections of the rich and powerful, Miniature captures the tiny wonders of the world in high definition, and on a scale never seen before.

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