Melody Makers

MELODY MAKERS captures the birth of music journalism during the zeitgeist of rock n’ roll through the lens of photographer, Barrie Wentzell, Chief Contributing Photographer, Melody Maker magazine (1965-1975). Melody Makers features candid interviews with Melody Maker journalists Chris Charlesworth, Chris Welch, Richard Williams and Allan Jones who infuse the film with humour, and offer new insight about the cultural significance of the paper at a time when rock n’ roll was in its infancy and Melody Maker magazine was revered as the bible of rock n' roll during this dynamic, formative and most controversial period in music history.

Mangers, Producers and PR's (Ian Grant, Glen Colson, Keith Altham and Jeff Dexter) and music legends, Eric Burdon, Ian Anderson, YES, David Cousins, along with other notable artists featured, share behind the scene stories and personal anecdotes about this unique period in music history.

Alongside iconic music photographs, our subjects take us on an extraordinary journey into the spectacular rise and dramatic fall of Melody Maker magazine as we experience the history of rock n’ roll through the rare images from behind the scenes; of young artists at the start of their careers who became legends; of live performances and crazed fans; and of images highlighting the artistic collaboration between the musicians and Melody Maker's journalists. These pioneers of rock n’ roll blazed the trail establishing the tone, style and standard for music journalism today. This landmark documentary takes a fresh look at the changing landscape of music journalism that lead to the end of Melody Maker magazine , and to a style of music journalism that no longer exists today.

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