In Their Own Words: Pope Francis

The story of how one man's commitment to the less fortunate led him to the top of one of the world's oldest institutions.

On March 13, 2013, at the age of 76, Jorge Bergoglio was named the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Taking the name Francis, he is the first pope from the Americas, the first non-European and first Jesuit priest to be named pope. While these things alone make Pope Francis noteworthy, In Their Own Words delves deeper into his story, revealing the experiences and influences in his life that led him to the highest office in the Catholic church.
Determined to keep the church relevant and meaningful in the 21st century, Francis is no stranger to controversy. His outspoken ideas about hot topics like homosexuality have gained him allies and enemies around the world. His insistence that the church take a leading role in the fight against climate change has, for the first time in history, made the environment a critical subject in catholic discourse. These modern ideas, along with his fervent devotion to bettering the lives of the poor and marginalized around the world, have met with both rejoicing and resistance. Pope Francis’ story is a fascinating look inside the heart and mind of a man who is well on his way to shaking up one of the oldest institutions in the world.