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I, Dolours

A cinematic yet intimate and complex portrait of Dolours Price, militant IRA activist, hunger striker and dissident Republican who, two years before she died, gave a filmed interview on the condition that it would not be broadcast in her lifetime. Now for the first time her story can be told in full and entirely in her own words. 

I, Dolours takes us deep inside the IRA, charting one woman’s journey from passionate idealist into disillusioned cynic, haunted by the memories of the terrible things she did for a cause she once so strongly believed in but for which she believes she was ultimately betrayed. 

Fascinating, moving and at times deeply disturbing – this is her story.

Featuring:    Dolours Price
Directed by:    Maurice Sweeney (Saving the Titanic, Trial of the Century)
Produced by:    Ed Moloney, Nuala Cunningham (Capital Letters)

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