Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse

The Clydesdale horse - famed for its white-feathered feet and for hauling Budweiser beer – is in danger of dying out.

These giant and iconic horses are on the verge of what many call the “vortex of extinction” in the very place where they were first bred – Scotland.

This is the dramatic story of one woman and her quest to help save this extraordinary breed.

A royal ride: The Clydesdale is a working horse with high-class connections
Clydesdales: The unsung heroes of the First World War

Once, there were thousands of Clydesdales roaming the famous Clyde Valley near Glasgow.  Now, they’re all but gone.  The horse was once so valuable the Scots sold them all over the world – thousands were shipped to Canada.  The most sought after were the pure blacks.

In Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse, celebrated Glaswegian designer, Janice Kirkpatrick, goes on a mission to alter the future of this horse. Her plan is audacious: trace their bloodlines to the Canadian Prairies, find the lost blacks and bring them home.

Caring for Clydesdale horses is a ton of work, but for this woman it’s a labour of love
The Clydesdale horse in Canada: Breeders celebrate an illustrious horse

In an extraordinary journey from the hills of Scotland to the heart of Saskatchewan, Janice uncovers the true story of the Clydesdale horse, and traces a Canadian family who’ve protected the ancient black Clydesdale bloodlines for five generations.

With this discovery she may have unlocked the secret to reviving the Scottish herd.

In Clydesdale: Saving the Greatest Horse, join Janice as she embarks on an unprecedented and emotional two-year quest.  Not only will it test her in ways she never expected, but it will also alter her life forever … and, change the destiny of an entire breed.

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