A Different Drummer — Celebrating Eccentrics

Why is dancing to the beat of your own drum good for you? Real to Reel Productions and Academy award winning director, John Zaritsky, a bit of an oddball himself, answer that question and many others as they introduces us to a cast of weird and wonderful characters who celebrate being out of sync with society’s norms, and enjoy many freedoms that most of us can only envy. The film takes us on a journey into another way of living and joins, among others:

  • Daniel who lives productively and happily without using money, from his home base, a cave in Utah
  • Laura who has a duck that can tell people’s fortunes in Vancouver.
  • Darla who lives her life in a nonconforming way
  • Gary who wears monks robes and leads a fan club for a US president who ‘did absolutely nothing’.
  • Lord Toby Jug who runs for elections in the UK with the objective to add humour and sanity to the process.
  • John Ward known as the most eccentric inventor in England.

There have always been eccentrics among us and it’s time to bring them in from the cold and the fringes of our society.

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