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Tuesday October 26 In Their Own Words: Elon Musk Explore this billionaire's quest to save our planet and take mankind to worlds beyond. More »
Wednesday October 27 After Circus Few of us have ever given a second thought as to what happens to circus artists 'off the wire' after they've spent their lives entertaining and inspiring us. More »
Saturday October 30 Johnny Cash American Rebel A celebration of the larger-than-life Johnny Cash from the unique perspective of the Man in Black’s greatest songs, the “essentials”. More »
Monday November 1 Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids One of the world's leading child behaviour experts investigates what could cause a child to become a cold-blooded killer. More »
Tuesday November 2 How It Feels To Be Free Six Black female entertainers challenge an industry that was hell-bent on keeping them out. More »
Tuesday November 2 Earth: One Amazing Day An astonishing journey that reveals the awesome power of the natural world, tracking the sun from the highest mountains to the remotest islands to exotic jungles over the course of one single day. More »
Thursday November 4 The Devil’s Trap He was 18 years-old when he was excommunicated from a fundamentalist Protestant cult. At 24, a young ex-cult member takes a three week leave from the Navy to embark on a cross-Country journey to re-unite with his estranged family. More »
Friday November 5 My Indiana Muse Through an unconventional sequence of events, artist Robert Townsend discovers his kodachrome muse and embarks on an ambitious and inspirational project that will take more than a decade to complete. More »
Sunday November 7 Hell or Clean Water The inspiring story of one Newfoundlander’s obsessive quest to clean up the coastal ocean floors and bring much-needed attention to a worldwide environmental crisis. More »
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About documentary Channel

documentary Channel is a digital television station devoted to showing the best documentaries from Canada and around the world. With its special emphasis on feature length films, watching documentary is like having a cinema in your own living room, showing award winning films twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

documentary Channel shows documentaries from legendary filmmakers such as D. A. Pennebaker (The War Room, Don’t Look Back) and the Maysles brothers (Gray Gardens, Salesman). The documentary Channel also shows the best films from the archives of its partners, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Dawn of the Eye) and The National Film Board (Cinema Verite).