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The world's cutest 'zombies' live atop Canada's tallest mountains

Collared pikas need to get creative in order to survive the cold.

Collared pikas need to get creative in order to survive the cold.

The world’s cutest zombies

The Nature of Things

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Collared pikas live atop Canada’s tallest mountains, and need to get creative in order to survive the cold. 2:47

Canada's North has some of the largest glacier fields in the world. They surround Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak, locking it in year-round ice. 

In Wild Canadian Weather, we travel to Kluane National Park in western Yukon. The landscape may look desolate and inhospitable, but some of the cutest critters in Canada cling to life here.

In this expanse of ice, the only plants that exist are found on the top of a mountain, peaking out of the glacier. Known as nunataks, these rocky outcrops provide an oasis for collared pikas, who spend the short summers gathering as much food as they can to survive the long winter ahead. 

All pikas are vegetarian, except the collared pika. Up here, these plucky critters need to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way, and scavenging dead birds offers a rich source of nutrients and fats. Their favourite part? Brains. 

Watch the video above for the full story.

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