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Surfing with sea lions: enjoying the wind near Tofino, B.C.

Canada’s first ever female pro surfer couldn’t live without wind, and she’s not alone.

Canada’s first ever female pro surfer couldn’t live without wind, and she’s not alone.

Surfing the waves in Tofino, B.C. with sea lions - Wild Canadian Weather

The Nature of Things

2 months ago
Canada’s first professional female surfer, Catherine Bruhwiler, reads the wind and rides the waves with sea lions. 2:52

"I like being a part of nature, and part of the wind and part of the ocean." Growing up in Tofino, B.C., Catherine Bruhwiler was moulded by wind and surf, becoming Canada's first ever professional female surfer. 

On the edge of the Pacific, Bruhwiler forged her skill at reading the wind. "If I can see clouds moving in a certain direction, I'll know which beach to go to," she explains. "Because the wind is going to determine where the waves are gonna be best."

And she isn't the only local to enjoy the swell. Steller sea lions live along this coast and enjoy playing in the big rollers too — Bruhwiler has even surfed with them!  "You'll stand up just surfing the wave and they're all around you, surfing the wave with you."

An invisible force, the wind has dramatic effects on the lives of humans and wildlife, sometimes bringing them together. "Without the wind, we wouldn't have waves, so I love the wind." 

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