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'It's not just Canadians whose lives this show has touched.'

Filmmaker Caitlin Starowicz on discovering the global reach of The Nature of Things and the incredible stories nature offers

Filmmaker Caitlin Starowicz on discovering the global reach of The Nature of Things

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The Nature of Things

5 months ago
Caitlin Starowicz recounts her memories of being a young girl and traveling to Borneo with her father to make a documentary. As an adult, Caitlin returned to Borneo and filmmaking to tell an incredible story about pioneering female scientists. 2:38

At just 8 years old, Caitlin Starowicz had the opportunity to visit Borneo with her father, who was making a documentary about Canadian primatologist Biruté Galdikas.  

28 years later, Starowicz visited Borneo again — this time, as a director of a film about three trailblazing women in the field of primatology, and the generation of female researchers they inspired. Once again, she visited Galdikas to tell her story of saving Borneo's wild orangutans. 

But it was while filming She Walks with Apes in Rwanda that Caitlin realized the global reach of The Nature of Things — locals she worked with knew the show well. "It's not just Canadians whose lives this [show] has touched."

Caitlin believes it's the tales from nature that makes the show so timeless. "The natural world around us is absolutely incredible and there are … stories that you can't find in fiction."

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