Short Docs

These short docs will take you on long journeys

A perfect selection of short docs that will challenge the way you think about travel and personal journeys while taking you on vicarious adventures.
(CBC Short Docs | Love Letters From Everest)

Embarking on a journey, especially these days, might seem like a huge undertaking, but they're not always about physical travel. Journeys can be spiritual, they can take you on paths that teach you about yourself and they can sometimes lead you to discoveries you had never even considered possible.

Here are a few short docs that will challenge the way you think about travel, taking on some vicarious adventures and pilgrimages.

The Pilgrimage

"It teaches you a lot about learning to live with yourself and that I'm okay, this is enough. I don't need to explain myself to anybody. That was kind of key to the whole trip was not knowing and just letting yourself be open to whatever the hell was going to happen."

Over 50 women gathered on their motorcycles and embarked on a spiritual journey across the stunning landscapes of Vancouver Island. By the end of their cathartic experience, these women created new bonds and meaningful memories to last a lifetime.

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Biker Bob's posthumous adventure

It's one thing to go on a motorcycle quest while you are among the living, but what if you have already passed on?  Imagine finding a message in a bottle that said, "Biker Bob. If you find me, turn me loose." And inside were someone's ashes. 

Biker Bob's Posthumous Adventure follows the travels of the remains of a man who was carried from the B.C. coast on some incredible travels. Long after he was no longer with us in body, his spirit of adventure lived on in those who brought him along for the ride.

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The woman who returns

Heather Hatch was 16 when she learned she is Haida, and she's been on a journey to learn about her cultural heritage ever since. In The Woman Who Returns, she travels to Haida Gwaii to finally join her clan and receive her Haida name.

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Love letters from Everest

Filmmaker Celeste Koon uncovers the epic adventures of her grandparents when they first fell in love, sharing the letters they exchanged as her grandfather Fritz joined the first successful Swiss expedition to Mount Everest in 1956. Over his long absence, he duo exchanged passionate, hand-written letters that conveyed their love over time and distance.

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I hold the Dehcho in my heart

The Mackenzie river is known as the "Dehcho" in the Dene language and is home to the Dene, Gwich'in and Inuvialuit people. A group of Indigenous students travelled the river to learn about the route and the communities and cultures along it. The film focuses on two young Dene women, Kristen and Jiah, who set off on the 42-day journey of discovery, facing daily challenges with the help of teachings from Dene elders.

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Short Round Up

Nobu Adilman's short doc details two journeys. He takes us back 35 years to his childhood quest of to become a famous Hollywood actor when, as a half-Japanese Canadian kid, he thinks he's found the perfect role. Now an adult, he embarks on the second journey to find others like him: fellow former child actors who had also auditioned for the coveted role of "Short Round," the sidekick to Indiana Jones.

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Run as one  

It's not every day you get to carry an international symbol of sport into a stadium and to be cheered on by your fellow athletes. Ten young Indigenous men from across Manitoba had this opportunity in 1967. Or so they thought. They made the torch-bearing journey from Minneapolis to Winnipeg only to find that they had to give up the torch in the last leg of their trip to a non-Indigenous athlete who would enter the ceremony while they watched from a diner across the street. Now they have returned, 50 years later,  to tell their stories, and to discuss the injustice they faced.

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Finding Fukue

A musician travels to Japan to seek the childhood friend who had mysteriously ceased contact. It's a story of going back to the past to understand events you experienced as a child, and returning to a country that was once home, where a precious friendship was forged.

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Some of us travel like migrating birds. Every year this Florida trailer park becomes the home to a group of older Québécois snowbirds who create a winter home in the sun, far from the harsh Quebec climate.

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