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Celebrate Indigenous storytellers all month long

On June 21, we celebrate the diversity, heritage and achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis! It is also a time to recognize the strength of these communities across Canada.

It's Indigenous History Month! Here are some short docs to help celebrate, learn and be inspired by.

(CBC Short Docs)

THROUGH OUR EYES: Indigenous Short Docs is a playlist of short documentaries by some of the best emerging Indigenous storytellers from across the country. Here are a few of the most recent releases:

Black Rock

Residents of the English River First Nation live near the world's largest uranium mines. They believe that you're either working for the mines, or fighting against them.

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An inside look at the coming-of-age-ceremony of two twin Cree boys, who are cutting their hair for the first time, as hair is a sacred connection to AsKi, the Earth. 

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Sober House 

A group of teenagers from a high school in Prince Albert, Sask. were looking to make a change in their communities. How? By creating safe and sober spaces in their communities to help break the cycle of alcoholism in their communities. They pioneered the Sober House Project with the city, a network of houses that would allow people to heal from addiction.

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Emptying The Tank 

This beautiful black and white short doc highlights Chippewa mixed martial artist, Ashley Nichols. Emptying The Tank is a celebration of her inner and outer strength, and dedication to her spiritual and physical strengths. 

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Fast Horse

Welcome to the dangerous high-stakes world of Indian Relay, North America's original extreme sport, where jockeys ride horses bareback and jump from one horse to another in the middle of the race.

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These are just a few of the incredible documentaries available on this CBC Gem featured playlist. Take a look below at THROUGH OUR EYES: Indigenous Short Docs.