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#QuarantineandChill: Uplifting stories from CBC Docs

While spending more time at home, we’ve got you covered with some heartwarming docs.

While spending more time at home, we’ve got you covered with some heartwarming docs.


Never Too Old

"Sweet little old lady, a sweet little old lady, I am not." Meet Olive Bryanton, an 81-year-old great-grandmother from rural Prince Edward Island who has just completed a PhD, making her the oldest recipient ever from her university.⠀⠀

Bryanton studied older women who are living on their own to learn what supports they need to continue to be happy and independent.

"The women in this study reveal that they are not frail, dependent victims who are a burden to society," she says. "Aging is not a problem. Aging is a normal process of life."


Spirit Bear Family

On the central coast of British Columbia, in the Great Bear Rainforest, there lives a creature of legend: the Spirit Bear. The Kermode bear, known as the "Spirit Bear" is a rare white furred, black bear. And this is the only place in the world where they can be found.

In the early 90's, filmmaking family Jeff and Sue Turner, spent two years living on a remote island off the west coast with their newborn daughter Chelsea, capturing the first ever footage of the mythological spirit bear that astonished the world and made their first nature documentary. 

Now they return, with Chelsea and their son Logan, to follow the trials and tribulations of a mother Spirit Bear as she tries to find food for her family and keep her two black furred cubs safe. 


Finding Fukue

They were best friends, then pen pals — until one day, the letters stopped coming. Almost 30 years after receiving the last letter, Jessica Stuart returns to Japan to try and solve the mystery of her long-lost friend, Fukue.

It's a mystery that spans decades, continents and cultures, and bridges one Toronto woman's life with her childhood in Japan: what happened to Fukue?


Catwalk: Tales From The Cat Show Circuit

It's Best in Show with whiskers. Meet the felines and fans of the highly competitive cat show circuit. 

Follow a season in the lives of two top cat fanciers, Shirley and Kim, and their prize-winning felines, Oh La La the fluffy Red Persian and Bobby the white Turkish Angora. Both are vying to be the year's Best Cat.


The Art of Downsizing

As we grow older, we all need to learn how to move on, leaving our former lives and possessions behind. But how? 

The Art of Downsizing highlights the excruciating decisions involved in navigating the rocky terrain of downsizing, one of the least talked-about yet most significant transitions any of us will ever make.


Miracle Child

Even before Noah Wall was born, doctors didn't think he would survive. A scan of his head revealed he had less than 2 per cent of his brain. Four years later, though, Noah is thriving, leaving doctors to wonder how his brain accomplished its astonishing recovery.


The Man Who Tweeted Earth

Chris Hadfield made us love space again. His tweets, stunning photos, and David Bowie renditions made international headlines as he hurtled around the earth at 28,000 km an hour aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

Hadfield is the first Canadian commander ever of one of the most complex and sophisticated examples of human technology ever built, and from the moment he arrived at the ISS for a 5 month mission, he transformed the way we connect to space. But even though Hadfield often makes it look like fun and games, there's a whole lot of serious science happening up there.


Love Letters From Everest

Imagine opening a dusty box of personal archives and then watching the photos and documents magically come to life in vivid, cinematic fashion. This is the tale of one filmmaker's grandparents — part heart-crushing melodrama, part Himalayan adventure story, this is the true transatlantic love story of Celeste Koon's grandparents, Barbara and Fritz.


To The Worlds

"The brochure said 'For ages four and up.' So I said, 'Well, tell me where it says I can't join?' And they were like, 'How old are you? You're older than my mom.' I'm like, 'I'm older than your grandmother.'"— 59-year-old Wendy Ord, who took to the ice in her fifties.

To The Worlds follows some remarkable Kelowna, B.C.-area women as they defy their years, gravity and sometimes their doctors to push themselves to the edge in competitive adult figure skating.


Portrait of Pockets

Meet Pockets Warhol. A painting monkey whose art saved his sanctuary. When his owner found it too difficult to take care of him, she reached out to Story Book Farm, a primate sanctuary in Southwestern Ontario that is home to nearly 20 other primates. 

Now, Pockets has used his unlikely talent of painting to gain worldwide fame and save the primate sanctuary he calls home.