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One of Ours

A poetic look at reconciliation and belonging through the eyes of a young Haitian-born Indigenous adoptee in Canada.

True stories from the gig economy: it's stressful, dangerous and 'the opposite of flexibility'

Documentary ‘The Gig is Up’ looks at the shadow workforce behind some of your favourite apps
First Person

Although adopted from Haiti, my son Josiah is unconditionally a member of our Indigenous community

Adoption is sacred to the Heiltsuk Nation and a way to express our sovereignty
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Hell or Clean Water

The inspiring story of one Newfoundlander’s obsessive quest to clean up the coastal ocean floors and bring much-needed attention to a worldwide environmental crisis.

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Award-winning filmmaker shares struggles of a young Haitian adopted into an Indigenous family in Canada

‘So many people have been moved by Josiah’s story,’ says director Yasmine Mathurin

'People need to get their hands dirty': Newfoundland diver cleans ocean floor, one discarded tire at a time

‘Way more money goes into destroying the ocean than saving it,’ says a former fisherman who went from heedless polluter to spearheading a cleanup crew to tackle ocean garbage in his home province
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Portrayal: A quest to redeem his grandfather's artistic legacy

A young man races to prove that thousands of paintings were created by his grandfather before they are burned by the artist who took credit

Without these assistants, many famous artists would never complete their masterpieces

A man goes on a journey to uncover the legacy of his late grandfather’s art and history as a fabricator for a famous artist
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Dead Man's Switch: a crypto mystery

When cryptocurrency whiz kid Gerald Cotten died suddenly in India, $215 million disappeared. Thousands of his creditors are asking: Is he really dead? Or did he just plan the biggest exit scheme of all time?

I come from a 'rainbow family': We are white, Haitian and Heiltsuk

My culture teaches me that kinship and belonging are not about appearance, blood or biology


Deceiving his subject was key to uncovering the truth about his art, says documentary director

Portrayal tells the story of an art fabricator and his grandson’s quest to shine a light on his legacy

'I'm a pretty bad investor': This Canadian lost $400K US when crypto CEO Gerald Cotten died

New documentary looks at the mysterious story of Canada’s cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX
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The Walrus & The Whistleblower: Story of a whistleblower being sued for $1.5M for plotting to steal a walrus

Phil Demers was an animal trainer for over 10 years until he quit & blew the whistle - alleging abuse. Now, he's in an unusual custody battle over a walrus.

Meet Frank, the first to protest against marine mammal captivity outside Marineland

A life-long animal lover, Frank began protesting in the 80s, an experience that left scars but inspired a new generation.
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They Call Me Dr. Miami: 'the most famous plastic surgeon of the universe'

While chasing fame, can this Orthodox Jewish father of five carry on with his gimmick and still preserve his identity?
Q & A

Influence: The winding journey from advertising to algorithms from television to Twitter

Directors Diana Neille and Richard Poplak talk about how disinformation on the internet is a threat to democracies all over the world.
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Meat the Future: A revolution is coming to your plate.

Meat made from cells, without animal slaughter, will change how we think about food.

Social media success can bring fame - and clients - to doctors who perform cosmetic procedures

'The number of followers you have on social media has more credibility than what school you went to.’
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Meat The Future: Witnessing the birth of a new industry

Director Liz Marshall and a food innovator from The Good Food Institute talk about the birth of a new industry which grows meat from cells.

Why meat grown in labs could be the future of burgers, chicken & more

A documentary about the quest to change the face of meat — by making meat that never had a face.
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Finding Sally: A filmmaker's quest into the mysterious disappearance of her aunt

A personal investigation into the mysterious life of the director's aunt Sally, an Ethiopian aristocrat-turned-communist-rebel who disappeared during the Ethiopian Revolution.

Ethiopia's unforgettable famines: Here's why they really happen

Politics and war are often the root causes of food shortages in the country, say experts

New food science grows meat from cells without the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals

Feature-length documentary chronicles the birth of the ‘cultivated meat’ industry

Hot Docs couldn't hold this year's festival as planned — so they put it in your living room

CBC and North America's largest documentary festival have teamed up for Hot Docs at Home on CBC.