Brief But Spectacular

The spectacular story of Brief But Spectacular

“People actually want to talk about the things that are difficult. They just don’t have a space to do it,” says Goldbloom.
Series creator Steve Goldbloom shares his Brief But Spectacular take on Brief But Spectacular. 2:48

"Making these videos has not only made me a better storyteller, it's actually made me a better person," says Steve Goldbloom, creator and producer of Brief But Spectacular

When the interview series launched in 2015 with PBS, it featured many celebrity guests.

But when a profile of a retired teacher, 91-year-old Flossie Lewis, went viral, it informed how they would curate the show. Says Goldbloom, "It became clear how excited people are to see people that they don't know."

Halifax-born (and Toronto-raised) Goldbloom is bringing his series to Canada, this time featuring Canadian subjects discussing lessons that range from celebratory to challenging. "People actually want to talk about the things that are difficult. They just don't have a space to do it," says Goldbloom.

The origin of the series title Brief But Spectacular? Goldbloom's grandfather, who, after his grandson went into a synagogue service and abruptly left, quipped, "You made a brief but spectacular appearance."

His grandfather tells the full story in this Brief But Spectacular interview.


Brief But Spectacular was created by Steve Goldbloom and is produced through his production company, Second Peninsula.