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7 spooky films from CBC Docs

Real life can be just as terrifying as the latest horror movie

Real life can be just as terrifying as the latest horror movie

Collage of CBC Docs films, clown, homemade spaceship, zombie ant (CBC)

It's almost halloooooween. Had your fill of horror movies yet? From unsolved alien mysteries to the science of haunted houses and REAL LIFE zombies, here are seven spooky (true) stories from the CBC Docs collection. So sit down, turn on all the lights, lock the doors and enjoy.

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Be Afraid: The Science of Fear

Although the emotion of fear is as old as life itself, scientists are only now getting answers on how our brains process it. Why do some crave scary situations? What fears are we born with? How can we get over them? And why are some people less afraid than others? 

Find out how fear can help us overcome obstacles, stay safe in the midst of danger and even find peace.

The Mesdames of Mayhem

Meet some women who love murder. Every two years, this group of authors come together to write an anthology of murderous short stories. 

Learn what draws them to the crime fiction world and how they restore chaos and find justice - even if it's only on paper.

Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

This is a real life zombie movie. Explore the world of parasites and how they brainwash their hosts to gain control.  

From the rainforests of Brazil to the coastal estuaries of California, watch how tiny creatures use their evolutionary tricks-of-the-trade to alter the balance of local ecosystems. Meet a creature that can inhabit us — and may cause society-wide personality changes.

Pumpkin Movie

Two friends call each other over Skype every Halloween to carve pumpkins together and swap stories about creepy encounters with men. Their experiences of gender inequality are definitely chilling.


BC's Granger Taylor built a spaceship in his backyard. Then one rainy day in 1980, he left a note saying that he was boarding an alien spaceship … and then vanished.

The story of Taylor and his disappearance is one of Canada's strangest and most enduring mysteries. Did he really leave on an intergalactic journey and is he still on his way home?

Rockin the Coffin

Ronald Grimes needed a COVID-19 project and decided to build his own coffin. His daughter, a filmmaker, delved into his story to explore one of the most terrifying fears and mysteries at the heart of life: how can we prepare for death and loss?

The Science of Magic

Featuring top Canadian magicians, learn how simple magic tricks can be used to help scientists explore human consciousness. Learn why sometimes, we don't see something even though it's right in front of our eyes. And discover that it's our own brains that are the magicians — weaving a false reality out of fleeting impressions. 


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