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Dispatches Cancelled: Your Comments Part Eleven

Due to CBC budget cuts, Dispatches will go off the air after the June 21/24 program. Here is another selection of your comments to us about that. (others below)  Add yours, (Dispatches@cbc.ca) and please tell us where you are writing from.


Mary Rathbone, Nelson, BC

Hi Rick
I always listened to your show with anticipation, and thought you had one of the best jobs in the world. Dispatches brought Canadians investigative journalism set in exotic locales, a current events version of National Geographic. I hope the show is ressurected in some other form.


Grace Chu, New York, NY:

The CBC Dispatches podcast has been my favourite companion for long runs. Despite efforts to restrain myself, I can't help occasional bursts into tears or laughter as I run along, listening to your programme. When I get home, I always have a long list of "did you knows" for my husband, telling him all the fascinating things I had just heard. You expanded my view of the world, and I don't know where I'll turn to fill that void.

Rev. David Morton, Associate Pastor, East Kootenay Lutheran Parish:  

Dear Rick and Dispatches team,

...Oh dear, words cannot express enough my frustration and anger towards those who would decide to cancel a show which keeps us so well informed about our world.... The saddest part about "Dispatches" cancellation is that it is not a "show" being cancelled, rather it is voices from around the world, who in some cases have no other means of sharing their story, who are being silenced....While budget cuts are inevitable, silencing the voice of the marginalized is never right.

A pastor in the Lutheran Church-Canada, by calling, I truly enjoy listening to your program in the evening on my way home to Cranbrook, BC as I wend my way through the highways of the East Kootenay from a day of multiple services in the Elk River and Columbia River Valleys.  I and indeed our five-point parish will miss your show as it was often out of issues presented on your program that aided us in weekly praying for peoples and places throughout the world and even initiating and pursuing mission related projects  based on your information.   Thank you so much for informing us of our world.  And Rick, whatever you do in the future, I hope the voices shared with the world from your show like "Dispatches" can be resurrected from the imposed silence to allow the voices of our struggling world to declaim once again!

God bless


Tonia Tam:

Ever since I have come to Canada (20 years ago) CBC has played an important part in helping me create a new home and in forming my  Canadian identity. Part of this Canadian identity is a connection to the larger global community. Dispatches has done a tremendous job of making -frequently- local issues on the global level important to everyone of us. Thank you & please let me know what I can do to have this show continued. 
Thank you,

Anne Leys,  Drury, New Zealand:

Thank you to all of you for your wonderful programme.  We are both (my husband and I both listen to Dispatches) sorry that it is going and shall miss Dispatches each week.  You consistently had interesting stories and ideas.  We wish you all well in the future.

Loretta Jensen:

Dear Rick and the Dispatches Team,

I am disgusted at the myopic view that inspired such deep cuts to the CBC budget.  That those cuts subsequently caused the cancellation of such a splendid programme is even worse!  I remember that when I was in university one of my professors commented on the rich education one could get by listening to CBC Radio.  It struck me that CBC Radio was, then, a sort of equalizer between those who had sufficient financial means to attend university and those who did not.  It is a tragedy that that our public education will grow a bit leaner without the balance of global documentaries.  We, Canadians, are a diverse lot with interests beyond our own political boundaries; Dispatches gave room for us to explore other perspectives, learn about our neighbours and understand them and ourselves better.  I am truly sorry to see you go and I hope that one day the error in cancelling Dispatches will be realized and corrected.


Josy Guedj, Sherbrooke, PQ:

First I want to apologize for the poor quality of my English, French being my mother tongue.   I am quite saddened by the sudden cancellation of what I consider one of the flagships of the CBC....  I believe Rick MacInnes-Rae is the finnest host and journalist in Canada; I think is on par with my all-time favorite Jeremy Bowen from the BBC.  You will be missed, Sir, but not forgotten.  I hope that one day I will tune in to the CBC to discover you are back with "Dispatches Reloaded X-Treme".   But, in the mean time, I wish you nothing but the very best in you future projects.  Thank you for your outstanding commitment to journalism and on a broader stand to canadian public life. 

Stephanie in Calgary:

Dear Rick,

You have been my twice weekly companion now since Dispatches started.  I'm so sorry that the show won't continue.  I've  written my emails about this to the CBC in general, but we all know it  doesn't matter, it seems, how popular or good a programme is, it goes  anyway.

It seems my life as a Canadian gets smaller and smaller through the  CBC, and I find I listen to BBC and AlJazeera more now, just to get  the kind of material you and all our correspondents have provided us  all these years.

I shall miss your lovely voice.

Steve Andrews, Fergus Falls, Minnesota :

I've enjoyed Dispatches for the durationDispatches and the CBC programs of its ilk have impressed me with the perception and intelligence of the Canadians, unfortunately those traits do not extend to Ottawa.
Thank you for enlightening me


Jenn Baker, Vancouver:

I can't believe this is true. I love this show. Thank you so much for making me feel connected to the whole world in an intimate way. I often listened to the podcasts while working late nights during graduate school. You have done such an amazing job, and will be sincerely missed. What can we do about this??


 Kirsten Jensen, Regina:

...I recently moved back to Saskatchewan after having lived abroad for many years. I have been having a really hard time getting used to my new life back in Canada and feeling very far from all the excitement of the world. Dispatches has helped me feel tied to what is going on in the rest of the world and stay informed and up to date which is making this transition so much easier. I am really going to miss listening to you every week and am not looking forward to trying to find an alternative.
Your program is so informative and really gets to the roots of some of the issues going on globally. My husband has even used quotes from the program for his research papers. You will be missed and though I know you are getting a lot of mail with this same message, I wanted to add my voice to the mix.

Kiran (12) Matthew (14) Prasad and Margaret:

We are shocked and dismayed at the cancellation of your excellent show.

Thank you to all of you at Dispatches, we will miss you 'Bringing Us the
World" through your voices and words.


Thomas Teuwen, Sidney, BC:

Cutting dispatches is so sad. This government is gutting the Canada we love and is eliminating any source of intelligence that might allow us to understand what the are trying to do to us. Dispatches is one of these sources of information that enlightens us to be more effective and discerning citizens of this county. Dispatches helps us learn about tyranny all around the world and it threatens the current government because we can see the parallels. Please do whatever you can to keep this program on the air. The country needs the CBC. Especially radio!!!!

Judy Brohman, Campbellford, Ontario:

Dear Rick, 

I was soo saddened and diappointed to hear that d ispatches is getting cut. It is one of my favouite shows. It is so informative and filled with excellent material about international affairs. Intellectually stimulating and  sensitive to the issues of the world. Why are they cutting one of the best shows.  To keep it on I would rather they find some sponsors to keep the show running. We need to be knowledgeable about the issues and people in the world around us. Great job Rick. So sorry. CBC PLEASE RECONSIDER this terrible mistake to cancel this excellent show.  

Alexander Daughtry, Vancouver:

Dispatches is the finest journalism in Canada. The cancellation is crass, part of the decline to the lowest common denominator.


Eduardo Soares, Nova Lima, Brazil:

.I am not only sorry, but also angry. It is a real shame for CBC, and for Canada, the country that once was a model to be followed by the world. I wonder if the conservative agenda, which does not hesitate in spending billions of dollars with fight-jets and new prisons, is behind all this cultural retrocedence. I know by experience that uninformed people is much easier to dominate than those who know better how the world works. Unfortunately, by mentioning experience I am talking about my own country, Brazil, which is, today, much worse than Canada; we do not have anything close to CBC here and that is why I really appreciate your broadcast. Nevertheless, Brazil is surprisingly improving little by little. Meanwhile, Canada is taking the opposite direction.

My general impression is that it is not only Dispatches that will be cut. Some programs, if they are not all cut, they have been loosing many of their resources. Ideas, for example, had a very generous podcasting programs, but now it is often out of date. The same is happening with Tapestry, which is using past programs many times. I do not know what is going on, I feel like economic purposes are overcoming philosophical, educational and cultural issues.

Eve Schnitzer, Ottawa:

Dear Rick,

I am extremely upset about the decision to cut both Dispatches and Connect. Dispatches in particular is the most valuable show on CBC radio, on a network generally lacking in international coverage.  Since I teach Spanish at university, I am especially interested in the large number of excellent reports from Latin America (and at one time, Spain as well) and for years now I have been directing students to your archives so that they familiarize themselves with issues otherwise not covered in Canada.
Actually, I was about to write you and say we should have a separate Dispatches Americas, that the mandate of the show should be expanded, when the axe came down.  I guess I must be out of sync with the current Canadian tendency to know less and less about the world. Certainly most Canadians are not much aware of the continent we live on, and I think that is a shame as well as potentially problematic, as demonstrated by our PM´s performance at the latest Summit of the Americas.
Once Dispatches and Connect are gone, I will be spending much more time on newspaper and television sites from Spain and Britain for my news and documentary reports, and much less with the CBC. I don´t know how Canada can live here if Canada knows less and less about what´s around it. It really is a shame.
Thank you for all the fascinating hours.

M.J. Winkler-Callighen, London:

Dispatches is an excellent programme, and I am very sorry to hear that it will not be renewed. Thanks very much for all the episodes, illuminating, moving, powerful and always informative. My best wishes to all involved, and especially to Rick.

Carmeta Abbott, Waterloo, Ont:

I am dismayed that Dispatches is being discontinued. It is one of the few programs we made sure we hear each week. The news on Dispatches is told nowhere else. All day long CBC repeats the same news as all other media outlets; only Dispatches gives us such great stories from more obscure locations, and it is often good news stories! Thanks for all the good stories!

Mary Ellen Chown, Oakville:

As a 'friend of the CBC', I am so disappointed that Dispatches has been cut due to the Harper government's funding cuts to CBC. I have so enjoyed Dispatches and its window on global issues. It will be missed. Congratulations to all involved in its production for excellent journalism!


Written by Jen Buck, Port moody to James Moore, MP:

Dear Mr Moore,

I am a life-long CBC listener. In fact, you won't find any other station programmed into my radio. CBC has been my lifeline when living in isolated and remote Arctic villages, and podcasts and streaming saw me through my times in Africa and in Siberia.

In particular, lately I have enjoyed listening regularly to Dispatches. As a Canadian that has worked in humanitarian medical aid in Africa, works with refugee and is interested in the human side of world events, Dispatches for me is a unique and special look at world politics from the Canadian perspective.

What a shame to rob Canadians and the world from increasing our understanding of events around the world and of Canada's role in them. It seems like just another part of your government's slow and methodical counterenlightenment of Canadians.

Please reconsider cutting such important programs..... as a Port Moody voter, I vote for the CBC!

Adrian Baker of Appleton, Ontario:

I'm very distressed to hear that 'Dispatches' is being cancelled. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting, intelligent, and important programs that CBC, or any English-speaking radio station offers. There are numerous other mildly entertaining but not very crucial programs that could be axed, why Dispatches? It's programs like Dispatches that make me proud of our national broadcaster. Can this decision not be reversed? What can we do - hold a vote? Start a petition? Write our MP's?
Thanks you Mr. M-R and team for your enlightening dispatches thus far. Here's hoping there will be more in the future.

Julian Grey, Toronto:

Dear Dispatches,

Thank you for years of engaging missives from every corner of the  planet. A giant hole has opened in the tattered fabric of CBC radio:   trying so desperately to catch the "youth" demographic, it sacrifices  an internationally respected shows and holds onto programs no "youth"  I know would be caught dead listening to even if they listened to the  radio in the first place..  The myopic, short term thinking of CBC 
management  remains annually a total head-shaker. Long drives became a perfect place to enjoy Dispatches without  distraction, and I have looked forward to every jog and long walk,  where I return home having learned more about the world in one episode as an afternoon spent poring through the New York Times.

Let's hope this show can shift to another platform.

Ryan Najbor, Kingston:

Dear Dispatches,

My partner and I are very sad that Dispatches is being cut. I'm still dissappointed with the programming changes that resulted from the last round of CBC cuts. My partner feels that even with-in the CBC programming, Dispatches is definately a show that should be preserved...Mr. MacInnes-Rae (and the dispatches staff) sets himself appart from many of the CBC news / morning hosts as they seemingly come to an interview with complete naivety. Interviews on Dispatches are consistently well researched and sound thoughtfully prepared. Mr. MacInnes-Rae's comments add depth and historical context, and consistently provide a more meaningful coverage of events than many CBC news / variety show hosts. Because it's more that just "bringing you the world," Dispatches presents its content in an informed context that shows an event in the larger historical context.


Richard E.Hamilton, Toronto:

Dear Rick:

I was very sorry to hear that Dispatches has been dispatched. 

I have been a dedicated listener, often twice a week, since the program began in 2001.  It seems the politicians and to some extent CBC management, are bent on making programing so much like the commercial competition that eventually terminating it will be an obvious choice.

Best wishes for whatever you do next.


Lisa Mallin, Ottawa, Ont:

Dear Rick and Dispatches team:

Thank you so much for producing a fantastic show over the years and bringing a glimpse of the world to our Canadian homes and hearts. I was very sad to hear that your show will be cancelled and that we will be missing out on hearing the voices of so many who want to be heard. As someone who grew up discussing international affairs over the dinner table, your show has been a window for gaining insight into the world around us. Your show will truly be missed.

Joan Michel, Parksville, BC:

So sad to see the end of your show.  Thank you for what you have done.  Commentary on international news is at the heart of what I care about when listening to CBC radio.  Joe Schlesinger is a Canadian hero of mine, and Dispatches continued in the great tradition.  So sad.

Suzanne Vallieres, Vancouver:

I have enjoyed this program so very much and I am so disappointed that it will be discontinued. It is so disheartening . Our country is so connected with CBC and over so many years I have observed the decline in programming for the listeners. I feel CBC has the best reporters and journalists. This program has interesting topics about the world and your perspective is what I want to hear. I am grateful for hearing your program and deeply regret that budget concerns hit our enjoyment and connections.

Sincerely, an avid CBC fan.

Derek Breen, Vancouver:

I am floored that CBC is cutting Dispatches, one of the most distinctive shows on CBC radio.  There really is nothing else like it.  The range of stories and diversity of subjects in unmatched.  Just last week I tune in to hear an excellent report about IDPs in Yemen!  When else is this nation discussed in such on-the-ground detail?
There are so many other shows of the host - interview format, like Queue, the House, all the morning and afternoon shows.  Why eliminate one of your best shows, with an original and distinctive format.  It really highlights the best of CBC programming and elminating it is baffling.  I urge you to reconsider its cancellation.


Laura Madokoro, Ottawa:


I am an avid listener of Dispatches and am consistently impressed by the quality of the journalism and the thoughtfulness of the stories you produce. Yesterday, I happened to be in a taxi driven by an immigrant to Canada at the time your show was being aired. When the show began he turned up the volume and asked if I would mind listening. Of course I was thrilled that he shared my love of your work and we both listened with rapt fascination to your account of a Mexican journalist who had to flee from his homeland and now works in Canada.

I don't know if there is a way that the announced cancellation of your show can be stopped but if there is, I would very much like to know if there is anything I can do. I believe that Dispatches is too good and too important not to continue.


Ron Charles, Abbotsford, BC:

This is to express my profound disappointment at the cancellation of the radio program ' Dispatches'. I have listened to an enjoyed this program for quite some time.  Apart from being highly impressed by the quality of the reportage, I found the reports to be most informative as they tended to explore behind the scenes stories that were all but ignored elsewhere in the media. I will miss this program and its very knowledgeable host. 

Anna Anderson, Greermount, Quebec:

Dear Rick and the Dispatches team,

It is beyond belief that Dispatches was chosen for elimination... It is wrong to think that we only crave light distraction from our radios. The CBC surely underestimates its audience. I think it makes a terrible mistake in abandoning its mission to encourage debate, to expand horizons, to "bring us the world".... There are plenty of other radio stations that do not bring us a global reach.  Cut the frivolous. Cut the tedious.  But DO NOT take away our most important reason for turning on CBC.   How we will miss you.  Thank you for your years of hard work, success and enrichment of our lives.


Edith Katz, Montreal:

As a regular listener to CBC Radio, I make it a point to listen to Dispatches for information and observations that are not available from other sources. It is essential listening for those interested in current affairs. These focused reports  and interviews give listeners an opportunity to hear from those directly involved in issues and events important to all Canadians as global citizens.
The decision to cancel this program is a travesty of public broadcasting. It is inexcusable for a public broadcaster to cancel an original program with a large and diverse audience that presents materials of national and international interest.


Kate Hall, Creston, BC:

Dispatches has become one of my very favourite radio programs and as we long ago chose not to have TV in our home, that is saying a lot. It has allowed us a view of the world that is very hard, if not impossible to get in N.America. It covers not only political areas in more depth but also brings us closer to the people involved in those stories.
I resent very much that your program has been cut and it reminds me very much of Bertrand Russel's admonition to not seek to stop people from thinking as we will success. Cutting Dispatches in yet another way to reduce our stimulus to think.
Thank you for all you have done in the past. Here's hoping we get to hear you again soon.


Rebecca O'Brien, Calgary writes to the minister:

Dear Minister Moore,

Making dinner a few evenings ago, I was doing what I love to do as I cook- which is listen to CBC radio, and the strange thing is, I started to cry. On that particular evening I was listening to Dispatches. There are a few programs that I find indispensable in terms of information, and Dispatches is one of these. Have you ever listened to it?  It is a remarkable program, with journalists on the ground in countries that few of us get any real insight into, and they cover stories that are incredible human and relevant to current global issues.
And it is being cut, because of budget cuts imposed on the CBC by your government. The same government that can'T quite explain where $10 billion went in funding F 35s.
The irony is, it is programs like Dispatches that provide information to Canadians on why and where F 35s are being used.
But then again, information is not something that the Harper government is anxious to make available.
I know that the Harper time in government is limited. That is a light at the end of a tunnel for millions of Canadians. Unfortunately, it is a cold comfort right now as the Conservatives plow ahead, intent on destroying so much of what is amazing about Canada.

Shirley Connor, Vancouver:

Hello Dispatches
I am really annoyed at the way things are going with our wonderful cbc radio and I will miss Dispatches if it really does go off the air.
In 1963 I came to live in Canada from UK with my family.  CBC radio was my daily companion, my education and delight every day.  In recent years I have been switching off my radio because of the more recent programs which do not really fit cbc in my opinion; some of them quite ridiculous.
I wish you well and hope very much that public opinion will make a difference.

Richard Tomkins, Ottawa:

 I will truly miss Dispatches.  Out of all the important radio shows I listen to, this is the most important.


Arun Mukherjee, Toronto:

Hello Rick:

I have listened to Dispatches for many years, and frankly, it was the only programme which brought me the world (the other stuff seems so insular and UScentric).  I am very sad that dispatches is being taken off the air, making me yet more alienated from the CBC.


Carol and Allan McDermott, Sutton West, Town of Georgina, York County, Ont:

Allan and I are greatly dismayed to hear that the CBC has plans to end Dispatches in the new future. We are both in our 80's but that doesn't mean we are uninterested in news of the world.
We have enjoyed and laughed and cried for many years over the stories Rick told us about life and events and people the world over. He opened up for us a view of the world that was beyond the bare reporting of news events. Not that other CBC reporters contributed less to that window, but just that Rick has a straight to- the-heart kind of intimate and emotional connection with his subjects. We can't understand how the CBC could even contemplate closing down Dispatches. 


Brent Henry, Quadra Island:


I just returned form travel, over my spring break, to discover that Dispatches will no longer be. I am so addened by this myopic budget decision. Dispatches has allowed me to vicariously travel around our complex world when I have been unable to do so by other means. Through you I have revisited places of past travel and learned their present states. You often take us to locations where main stream media seldom visits. This is important and vibrant reportage. You and your show will be missed.

Felicity  Don, Vancouver:

Please tell me the administration of CBC has changed it's mind about axing the wonderful, intelligent, well researched, exciting & intructive show called Dispatches. Dispatches is an example of the best that CBC has to offer .

I have been listening to CBC radio since I was 8 years old. I consider myself to be educated in current affairs, thanks to CBC, although it is going downhill, with it's endless interviews with musicians. zzzz. Are we going to be allowed to keep enjoying & learning from Dispatches?

Evan Smith, Hamilton Wentworth DSB:

I am very sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled.

I am a teacher of an integrated 3-credit social justice program for grade 12 students, and I direct my students to listen to/ download certain podcasts for homework. Will podcasts still be available in archives after June?


Loree Clark, Calgary:

I'm adding my humble drop of water to the tsunami of protest against the decision to cancel "Dispatches".  Now how will I learn about the plight of my fellow humans in countries whose names I can barely pronounce?  Your show has been a beacon of knowledge and, often, hope for a lot of Canadians, like me, who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to the fascinating and often heart-wrenching lives of people on the other side of the planet. 

Key to the success of Dispatches has been Rick MacInnes-Rae, with his mellifluous voice, intelligent questions and reassuring ways.  Haven't we been listening to and watching Rick on CBC forever?  I hope he, and what must be a fabulous crew, will resurface  in another format.
How can the CBC cancel Dispatches when it means so much to so many of us?  I will offer up The Debaters and Laugh out Loud as two examples of shows whose cancellations would be much more appropriate.

Please know how much we appreciate your hard work and integrity - all of you - and how much we will miss your stellar show.  Good luck to each of you!

Christina Zaenker, Kamloops, BC:

Dear Dispatches- everyone who creates and produces this amazing show,
Please don't go....

You are our (and my) lifeline to the rest of the world. You bring the real issues to us: stories from remote regions and resilient reporters who brave all kinds of weather, wars and wanderings in order to educate and inform us in Canada, and those fortunate Dispatches listeners who live around the world.

I did an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Comparative Development so I crave learning about other cultures.  I love hearing about what is going right, as well as wrong, in other parts of the world because I care and I know that others around the world care too... Your show inspires us to ask more questions, to care more, and it truly elevates our understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.  Out of all the shows on CBC, I truly believe yours is the most compassionate, insightful, inspiring, and educational....  I can't believe I won't be able to spend a precious hour of every week, every calm and precious Sunday, immersed in your stories, tales that often bring me to tears, reminding me both how fortunate I am to live here in Canada, and fortunate to be able to listen to voices from around the world, making me feel at one with the people and the issues.

(With similar sentiments expressed by my boyfriend, many friends, and my family members too.  We love your show.)


Kristian Strickland, Moncton NB:

Dear Dispatches,

Loooong time listener, first time writer.

I'm really saddened to hear of your cancellation (Dispatches is being dispatched). I listen to CBC Radio One almost exclusively, and podcasting has allowed me to not miss a single episode of any of the shows I follow, from "As It Happens" to "Wiretap".
The unforseen side effect of these podcasts, however, is that there are no reasons for missing any episodes, and I just can't keep up with everything that I want to listen to. I'm regularly required to evaluate what shows to keep and what shows to let go, otherwise I'd be months behind in my listening.

I just wanted you to know that "Dispatches" is a show that I've never once considered dropping. Thank you for all the great stories over the years...

Justin Philippi, Ottawa:

I have been a fan and devoted listener of your show for many years, including while I traveled though Africa.   Your stories reports and documentaries  kept me connected to a wider world while I worked away in a small corner.

I was shocked, dismayed, and troubled when I heard that Dispatches was being cancelled as a result of the budget cuts.  Your show provided a distinct and otherwise missing perspective on the world, delving deeper than  the headline and talking with the people on the ground living through tragedy, celebrating joys and improving lives.

As the final show draws near, I like many of your listeners are dreading the void that will be left at the end of this season.  Have you considered what you will undertake next.  Is there any chance of moving the show to another network and continuing your work?

I also wish to ask, again as I seek to fill the void, what your suggestions for another source of in depth documentary journalism may be.  I subscribe to From Our Own Correspondent, but find it still leaves a gap.

I look forward for a long time to relistening to past podcasts I have downloaded.

Your devoted fan,

Gillian Butler, Nanaimo BC:

Very, very disappointed that Dispatches is slated to be cancelled.  informal poll among friends rated Dispatches as everyone's favourite!


Leslie Ayre-Jaschke, Peace River:

I'm so angry to hear (late, obviously) that Dispatches is being cut. The stories are so amazingly interesting and bring Canadians to many parts of the world we wouldn't normally even think about, let alone become engaged with, even for a short while.

Each time I tune into the program, I think I couldn't possibly be interested in [insert story] and then find myself increasingly drawn in. These short documentaries are always so well done. I will miss the wisdom, insightful journalism, and Rick's great voice very much...

Susan Brandum, Smiths Falls:

Dear Rick and Dispatches crew;

I just listened to yet another fabulous edition of your show. Dispatches is stellar radio. I am gobsmacked by the cuts to knowledge and understanding that are so rampant right now, by the Conservative gov't and consequently by the CBC.

I can only hope that you may find some way to have a collaboration of public broadcasters support your show, and find some way to keep it going. It is exceptional, unique and gives me an insight into the rest of the world in one short hour that I would never find in the dramatic headlines, or without many hours searching the web, if at all.

In hope.


Carolyn Bovi,  piano teacher, Bolton-Est QC:

Rick and all,

I have often had the goose bumps, as Mark Knopfler's great music comes over the waves, full of gratitude for the life I have here in Canada, as your show has so quintessentially reflected the best of what an open-minded, open heart can be. You have brought us stories that are found nowhere else, incomparable broadcasting. You have given us a way to know more about the world in such a great spirit of humanism. I'm very sad, and disappointed, that Harper has caused this loss, and that CBC brass chose their very best show to cut. It's unfathomable really. I wish you all the best, and I hope you will find another platform to continue this important work.


Leonard Gilday, Bowen Island BC:

Dear Dispatches team:

I am sad to hear you are gone. For many years I have been a faithful and appreciative listener. You, and all your contributors, have brought me stories that have kept me in touch with the world we all share. Thank you so much.

It makes me sad to learn that that the CBC is no longer prepared to defend the programming Dispatches has presented so excellently. You have ben absolutely the best!

I wish you all good fortune in your future adventures.



Ernest Carson, Kamloops, BC:

I am a long time CBC radio listener and was truly shocked when I heard that Dispatches is being taken off the air due to budget cuts.  When looking at programs to cut, it is so hard to imagine that Dispatches and the correspondents around the world would even be considered to be cut!  It is one of the best programs on the air (or TV) and it provides Canadians with such a broad perspective on world affairs directly from the source.  Canadians gain their knowledge of the world and its peoples through programs like Dispatches.  and high praise anf kudos to the host, Rick.  What a top notch host and interviewer!!  


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